HDG - Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot dip galvanizing (HDG) is the best known method to protect the steel. As a result of metallurgical reaction between iron and zinc, a series of zinc-iron alloy layers are formed when the surface of iron or steel which has been cleaned is immersed in a molten zinc bath (mostly about 450 ° C). The reaction rate between steel and zinc is parabolic with respect to time, such that the initial rate of the reaction is very rapid and significant mixing in the zinc bath may be observed. The main thickness of the coating occurs during this time.

Tursam, with its flexible production structure in product variety, it produces final products from  raw materials with domestic and international accredited production licenses.


(Height * Width * Depth): 15,50m * 1,80 m * 3,20 m


HDG Why is the cost different?

For many applications, the cost of galvanizing is lower than with alternative coating applications.  It is also cheaper compared to galvanized paint. The reason is simple: alternatives – especially  coloring, require very intensive labor compared to galvanizing. Galvanizing is a highly  mechanized, closely controlled factory process.

In terms of low initial cost and long life, galvanization ensures long-term use of steel in a versatile  and economical way. It does not require any maintenance or provides a wide maintenance period  and in some problematic situations; In remote areas, in difficult terrain or in nested structures, it is  also an advantage when security restrictions are important (eg electric poles).

The advantages of hot-dip galvanizing protection have been proven to be well documented  over many years of use. It provides protection for at least 20-40 years in common areas such as  industrial and marine environments, and 50-100 years in less aggressive atmospheres.

Hot dip galvanizing is the only coating process in which zinc is  formed by metallurgical bond. Because of this feature, the  galvanized material shows the greatest resistance to mechanical  damage to the material during transport, storage, shipment and  installation. This enables the shipment of galvanized material to all  countries of the world, including overseas countries.


HDG Prevents Corrosion

The toughness of the galvanized material makes the  material suitable for use when the wear problem may occur. Hot dip  galvanizing is a plating of steel to the liquid zinc bath, so all the  details that cannot be protected against corrosion, including the  inside and outside of the material, in the narrow spaces on the  surface of the corners, are covered with zinc. However, the brushes  and other dipping methods of the thin edges and edges of the  coating, hot-dip method is coated with the thickness required to  galvanize.

The thickness of the coatings formed by SDG method; The  thickness of the product depends on the thickness of the product,  the mass of the product, the steel chemical composition, the dive  time, the zinc bath temperature and the surface roughness. Coating  thickness values are given in ‘TS EN ISO 1461 hot dip galvanized  coating on materials made of iron and steel – properties and test  methods’.

HDG Protects The Steel

Galvanized coating protects the steel in three ways. First, the coating is effected at a very slow rate from the weather  conditions, giving a long and predictable life. Second, the coating is covered by damage, cut or accidental damage, and the  scratches with zinc corrosion products formed by cathodic protection. Third, it prevents rust from spreading under the paint.  Full protection in hot-dip galvanizing is achieved in a few minutes, while 4-coat painting requires 1 week.

The protective coating in galvanized steel is easy to control. If the nature of the process is continuous and the image of the  coating is the same, the result is the same. Thicknesses are specified as regular, predictable and simple in EN-ISO 1461 or  national galvanized standards and can be controlled by magnetic probe or other simple non-destructive tester.

The process is quite simple to understand, can be closely controlled. The thickness (weight) of the resulting coating can be  properly determined and defined. Galvanized coating is one of several coatings that can be fully defined by the standards.  No additional dyeing, retouching or control required. Galvanized steel is ready for use after assembly. Thus, the construction  program will be accelerated.

HDG Coating Services

  • Industrial Steel Constructions
  • Power Transmission Line Poles
  • Lighting Poles
  • Telecommunication Poles
  • Advertisement, Billboards And Poles
  • Solar Energy Structures
  • Wind Tower Platforms
  • Building Roof Elements
  • Bridge Steel Constructions
  • Car Park Steel Constructions
  • Terrace And Balcony Safety Rails
  • Park, Garden, Door And Wall Fences
  • Highway Barriers
  • Traffic Guidance And Signaling Poles
  • City Property Furniture
  • Sports Facilities, Stadiums, Skiing, Etc.
  • Industrial Storage Systems
  • Automotive; Frame, Caravan, Trailer Motor Parts Etc
  • Shipbuilding Materials
  • Conveyor Carrier System Components
  • Children’s Play Sets
  • Pools
  • Semi-Finished Materials For General Use; Flat Steel, Plate, Profile, Tubular  Steel, Angle Bracket, Pipe, Netting Panel  Etc
  • Animal Breeding Farms
  • Agricultural Product Storage Bin
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Greenhouse Building Materials
  • Industrıal Machıne Parts And Chassıs

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